10 Awesome Personal Branding Infographics

For this post I admittedly have a bias: The first two awesome personal branding Infographics on this list were co-created by me.

Since the two Infographics I created content for were created recently I will post them first and follow them up with eight more personal branding Infographics that share solid insights as well.

Enjoy the content and if you find value in this blog post please share with your friends on social media so they can enjoy these personal branding Infographics too!

1. 28 Smart Ways To Build Your Personal Brand

This personal branding Infographic was created in collaboration with VIVID Infographics designer Tara.

In this graphic we share some powerful strategies for building your brand on many major social media platforms.


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2.Top 10 Personal Branding Strategies

This infographic was designed in collaboration with IBM as a promotional piece for my personal branding training business Profile Jetpack.

If you are looking for fast ways to make a big impact with your personal brand look no farther than the Infographic below.



3. The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet: LinkedIn Profile Perfection in 7 Steps

If you plan on using your personal brand to enhance your career success LinkedIn is a very important part.

This LinkedIn Personal Branding Infographic takes a long look the many ways a LinkedIn profile can be improved and perfected.



4. 10 Steps Toward a New Professional You

This Infographic suggests that “Someone somewhere will be searching for you at some point in your career.”

Certainly that is true so the sooner you can take steps towards improving your personal brand the better.

The Infographic below share ten personal branding optimization strategies that you can apply to help take your brand to the next level.



5. The Complete A to Z Guide to Personal Branding Plus The Benefits of a Powerful Personal Brand

This awesome Infographic does the double duty of sharing a personal branding tip for each letter of the alphabet plus the benefits of a powerful personal brand.

According to this Infographic the benefits of a powerful personal brand include: A steady stream of ideal clients, leadership opportunities, greater credibility and more.

These benefits are just some of the many reasons why I highly recommend my personal branding course Profile Jetpack.



6. 11 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

The Infographic below contains some basic, yet powerful, ways to build your personal brand online.

7. Managing Your Personal E-Reputation

A strong personal brand is one of the best ways to manage your reputation online.

By taking control of your brand you prevent other people from defining who you are and what you stand for.


8. Your Brand is Your True Story

Authenticity is key when it comes to your personal brand.

Tell your true story so that other people will more readily relate with you and the things you do.your-brand-is-your-true-story-personal-branding-Infographic

9. How to Build Your Brand of Awesomeness

Your personal brand becomes more powerful when you combine it with a wider community.

Use your personal brand as a starting point for a community of like-minded individuals and you’ll be likely be impressed with the results you can get.


10. Does Design Matter?

This Infographic is based on data from 1,500 people

Not surprisingly the conclusion they came to is that design does matter and this is why I highly recommend you work with us on your next Infographic project.


When building your personal brand make sure you use the right image dimensions for for your custom branding and collaborate with a designer so you can end up with the best final product possible.


Hope you enjoyed the Infographics above!

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